About Us

We Improve Your Business


Since 2017, Awasam has worked with numerous small and medium-size businesses across various industries in Kenya and other country to design and develop business application solutions for web and mobile platforms. We pride ourselves in having a diverse team composed of business and technical experts whose synergy brings out solutions that are not only technically reliable but also make business sense.

We are passionate about technology for business and we use our combined knowledge to make our clients’ businesses more efficient, robust and profitable.

Our Services


Other than consultation service, web and App development and email hosting services we offer a lot more shown below;

Back up services

As a business, you should always have a backup plan but in case you do not have any you can contact us. We will guide you through the most effective backup plans.

Site configuration service

We also can help you get your site first. As you know many businesses are coming up and sites are being developed and everyone wants their site fast.

Bug Fixing

Our engineers fix any problems in less than ten minutes. They are well trained so in case of any bugs invasion do not hesitate to contact us.