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Professional website error-fixing services will keep your site online and running smoothly. The fast and dependable repair can quickly bring it back online in case of technical problems or downtime; 24/7 support ensures any issues will be quickly addressed.

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Professional website error-fixing services will keep your site online and running smoothly. Fast and dependable repair can quickly bring it back online in case of technical problems or downtime; 24/7 support ensures any issues will be quickly addressed.

Fixing a Hacked Website

If a website has been compromised or hacked, extensive security measures must be put into place immediately in order to remove viruses, malware, or any malicious code that has infiltrated it. In order to restore a hacked website quickly and effectively. To be effective at fixing an infected site you should remove malware immediately from it immediately and completely.

Error Messages Can Be Confusing

When websites display multiple error messages, fixing them can be challenging as it's hard to pinpoint their cause. Our website fixer may require performing a detailed evaluation of both server configuration and code of your website before taking steps towards resolution.

Slow Page Load Time

Slow page load times can be caused by many different factors, including poorly optimized websites, large videos or images, server issues, or issues with content delivery networks. All of these issues must be taken into consideration when fixing websites.

Broken Website Functionality

If certain features on a site are malfunctioning incorrectly, this could indicate larger issues like database corruption or misconfiguration. Our website fixer will resolve these issues within hours.

Fixing Compatibility Issues on a Website

If your website doesn't display consistently across browsers or devices, more advanced coding techniques may be necessary to resolve the issue.

Website Migration Issues

When moving a website between hosting platforms or servers, DNS propagation, and server configuration issues may arise, requiring technical knowledge for resolution.

Issues With Third-Party Plug-Ins

Websites that use third-party plug-ins may experience functional or compatibility issues that require professional troubleshooting from developers.

Payment Gateway Errors

E-commerce websites using payment gateways may experience issues with transactions, which require specific knowledge of their payment system to rectify. You can use our website fixer tool to keep your site running smoothly.

Site Repair Services You Can Rely On

Awasam Online Experts | Get Your Website Fixed

Get a complimentary WordPress checklist, an instant SEO report and any issues resolved immediately.

We are an established website repair provider capable of fixing all kinds of website problems.

Professional website repair services offer many advantages, the primary of which is access to highly-skilled technicians who possess both experience and knowledge to identify and fix website issues efficiently and swiftly. Furthermore, we also provide free advice regarding improvements that could prevent further issues down the line.

Expert Web Developers

Your site requires diagnosis and repair at an affordable price, regardless of its individual or multiple issues. We have you covered: our developers are skilled at solving any website errors within hours while offering free site backups to safeguard its data security. Houston, Texas USA. As your solution for malfunctioning site repairs, we understand and respect your privacy; as the solution, we're available 24/7 to offer on-demand assistance when redirection errors, database problems, or login issues due to PHP version upgrades arise - contact us immediately so that we can restore live presence with no errors! Houston, Texas USA

Website Fixing Experts - Awasam.

Website performance issues can cause frustration. This is why you need to hire a professional Website Problem-solving Team. You've found the most reliable, affordable, and efficient service provider in the nation for solving urgent errors.

Expert Web Developers

This is where we can help. Our developers will fix your website errors in less than an hour. Free Site Backups are available for website security. We fully respect the privacy of your website. We are available to provide immediate support for your website if it is experiencing problems. For urgent website repair, contact us today if your site displays redirection messages that are caused by problems in the database or login errors. We will reactivate your web presence immediately without any errors.

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We offer a free diagnostic for websites that are experiencing errors.

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Need help fixing common website errors?

Our website fixers are skilled. Website fixers are skilled. WordPress plugins can also cause problems with website layouts. Many users want to know how to fix the problem or where they can find reliable website repair services in the US.

 Get My Website Fixed Today to Make It Live

 We are a top web development and WordPress technical support company. We are experts in hacking websites and malicious code repair. Our website repair team is skilled in WordPress Web Design, Search Engine Optimization and Web Application Development. We offer WordPress maintenance. We have helped hundreds of web users solve their problems since 2017. We can help you today.

 Do you have a website emergency? We can help you fix website problems

We can help clients across the country as an emergency web repair company. Our Houston office is located in Texas. Your website must be maintained to ensure it is always online and functioning at peak speed. Awasam understands how important it is to have an active web presence. Contact us if you have any problems with your website. Our emergency support staff will give you a detailed report on the problem. Our support staff is available 24 hours a day with reasonable prices and a guarantee of 100% satisfaction. There is no upfront or deposit required to diagnose any issues on your site. We proudly serve all of the United States of America.

 Optimize your sites Search Engine Optimization (SEO). REMOVE ALL ERRORS.

You can be confident that your site will perform to its full potential when we are involved through our powerful SEO Optimization services. No matter if your site is code-related, SEO, or online marketing mistakes. Our entire team is available to assist. Our team is technologically sound and has served many clients.

You can review this list of satisfied customers to verify our credentials. (***Provide a link for potential customers to do so ***) We are very experienced in Google's My Business Page Optimization and On-Page SEO. Also, we can help with Malware Removal and local business ranking on Google Maps. We are confident in our client's confidence because of our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

EXPERTS are what you're dealing with

We hold valid certifications from Google Analytics Academy. These include Advanced Google Analytics, Google Ads Measurement Certifications, Google Shopping Ads Certifications, Google Ads Search Certifications, Google Ads Video Certifications, Google Ads Display Certifications, The Fundamental of Digital Marketing, and Digital Marketing-SEMrush Certifications. We are a website repair provider and can guarantee that our methods will optimize your site's SEO. Look no further if you are looking for an expert who can solve your website problems while protecting your company's privacy. Our expertise includes malware removal, hacking websites, and websites with errors. We offer speed, security, and service at a price that suits your budget.

 Only $50/ Month for professional website maintenance services to update, monitor, back up, and provide technical support on a daily and emergency basis.

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About has been operating for over a decade and provides an array of software and Apps as a Service solutions. By combining expertise, innovation, customer-centricity and timely services to the general public, business, shareholders, and cooperates we ensure timely and meticulous services to them all - including top-tier mobile apps, software and website management systems that align with current market requirements while meeting compliance. Our aim is to offer timely services tailored to individual customer requirements ensuring compliance.

Awasam utilizes the 6-D Process, our product design process not only offers clients/users an enjoyable and intuitive experience, but also allows designers and developers to iterate on designs to enhance them over time.

Why Choose Us? stands as both an essential service provider and business partner.

Our clients can focus on their core business as we provide efficient service to them and their partners. Together we create exceptional business solutions in Africa.

What We Do

We design websites, build apps, develop softwares and much more.

At our Core Values event on April 25, we will promote values following: (01).


At, we understand that the key to expanding clientele lies in meeting customer satisfaction. stands out from competitors due to its passion for technology, competence, resources and services; as an industry leader it prides itself on exemplifying character, competence and connections in order to build trust between itself and clients.

02. takes great pride in having implemented highly robust, innovative and secure solutions across Africa. Their systems are secure, modern and efficient; including providing services such as driving the world's first mobile phone network. was also responsible for providing core systems which drove this breakthrough technology.
Performance depends on reliability, and accountability lies within its reach.

At we conduct our business with absolute and uncompromising honesty; integrity provides the basis for communication, trust building and keeping commitments made, all essential aspects of business operations.


At  our business operates according to strict ethical

codes. 05

Our company takes great pride in our collaborative approach with clients and other stakeholders in order to meet set goals. Our focus on building relationships and exceeding client expectations ensure that their needs will always come first.

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