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Awasam academic writing ordering script

Start your own Writing business today with our Leading and Ready-Made academic writing ordering script! You will be able to you get assignments direct from customers, hire more Writers, and Manage them through the your website. You can also hire editors to assist you to manage writers, jobs, deadlines, disputes, etc.

Besides getting direct jobs, our system also enables you to offload external jobs from other writing sites for writers to work on them, thus consolidating and easing your workload. Automate your work today! The system has an automated messaging system and for each order process/action, there is an accompanying notification message!

Awasam academic writing ordering script Features

Getting orders

  • Get orders directly from customers.

  • Get paid direct to your Paypal on each order

  • Outsource orders from other writing sites and let your writers work on them

  • Control Pricing based on number of pages, deadline, academic level, type of paper, etc.

  • Control when and how you want to pay writers

  • Control currency through which to pay Writers

  • Control payment methods

  • Control fraction of the total amount to go to writer, either as flat rate per page or as a fraction of total order value.

Customers’ Accounts

  • Account are created automatically upon making an order (you can also enable creation). They can log into their accounts and view order progress.

  • Customers get notified of order number, pages, description and other details via their emails upon making an order

  • Customers get notification when an order is completed, assigned, sent for revision, uploaded or cancelled

  • Customers can approve an order, ask for revision, message admin, etc

Recruiting Writers

  • Recruit using the system (let writer apply for job) or add your writers or work team

  • Manage writers, hire, fire, suspend, assign order, etc.

  • Manage writers (view samples, cv, details) request documents, etc.

  • Edit writer’s profile, reset password, change email, payment system etc.

  • Compare writers by experience, skills, & ratings before hiring.

  • To help people find the best writers for their academic assignment, we have integrated powerful review and feedback features.

Posting a Project

  • Post a project to specific writer or all writers to bid, set instructions, pages, deadline, etc

  • Set your currency and amount to pay

  • Writers get notified via Email (only Writers who are active can apply for projects).

  • You get email notification of writers’ bids

  • You can approve or deny bids

Keep Track.

  • Time is live and running to enable you and writer to know when its due.

  • Manage orders, assign, edit, request revisions, approve, reject, adjust deadlines, fines, etc.

  • Mark orders as paid, revisions, cancelled, etc.

  • Communicate with Writer under each order using inbuilt messaging service

  • Get notification of file upload, message, order status change.

  • Communicate between you and writer using the system.

  • Payments are offline, so you can decide when and how to pay.


  • Chat live with your writers or employer using zopim FREE chat, or tuchat (inbuilt FREE)

  • Post a notification or message to all writers using the messaging board

  • Communicate with writer under each order or in email

Making Payments

  • The system does not restrict you to when, how and which orders to pay

  • System gives freedom to choose the payment method, be it Paypal

  • Fine writers for lateness, quality, customer satisfaction, etc

  • Of course give bonuses for a good job done!

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